Reimagining how businesses win business

When TenderScout partnered up with the wawawi we redefined the CX if how SMEs find, prospect and win new business relationships

UX prototyping & platform build

reimagining how businesses go about [winning] business

when TenderScout partnered up with the wawawi we used design thinking principles to redefine the entire CX for a global audience

UX strategy & build

Global utility rebrand, localised in market

When Naturgy rebranded from Vayu Energy, they engaged the wawawi to localise and build the Irish digital brand

website redevelopment

localising an Irish utility after global rebranding

when Naturgy rebranded from Vayu Energy, they started engaging the wawawi to localise the Irish digital brand

website redevelopment

Engaging researchers with custom bots

When mybio teamed up with the wawawi looked at new and innovative ways to engage and convert hard-to-reach researchers

brand cx & process automation

engaging lab researchers with custom bots

when mybio met the wawawi we discovered new ways to reach, engage and convert new academic research students, on their terms

brand cx & process automation

Design thinking to spark community change

When The Wheel met the wawawi we put context on commuications to help motivate Ireland in reaching global 2020 sustainability goals

design thinking workshop

Design thinking to spark community change

When The Wheel and the wawawi embarked on a design thinking process to better understand and communicate Ireland’s 2020 sustainability goals

design thinking workshop

Brands that get people in a digital world start with what, and why, and what if?

We are the what, and why, and what if
We are the wawawi


we are creative


who challenge the now through a lens of curiosity, causality and creativity to inspire gamechanger brands that get people

Modern brand services

we are people


to create more meaningful, longer-term value for companies, people, and the wider communities in which we all live, work & play


we are driven


gamechanger brands start by re-imagining everything around them – ours is an entrepreneurial spirit, collaborating with people, brands and domain experts to deliver better

  • Following a 20 year journey through startup, to ‘head of digital’ in global ad-agencies, and via in-house and CMO roles en route, Adam decided to start ignoring conventions, cut out the noise, and start creating people-getting ideas instead. This is what happened next...
  • Lita has +15 years experience in delivering brand and marketing strategies. She has worked with brands such as Aer Lingus, Guinness, Miller Beer, Supervalu, Bank of Ireland, Ulster Bank and RBS group. Specialities include B2B proposition development, CSR and HR programmes.
  • After 12 years at IBM, Sibi ‘The Boss’ Philip put on his ‘Master of Digital Innovation’ cap via UCD Michael Smurfit Business School & started teaming up with Adam on digital projects. Now he floats between Dublin and Kerala where he heads up a team of 9 lovely tech specialists (with a smile).
  • Lisa has been managing technical web projects from concept to go live with a strong focus on design led innovation for over ten years. Working across various sectors such as eCommerce, FMCG, finance, entertainment, utilities, and education amongst others.
  • An award winning visual artist, a published poet, musician, designer and creative branding consultant who holds a PhD in Critical Thinking and Creativity, Karl is all about the deep dive questioning. Deconstructing contexts to define problems and generating creative and innovative solutions is his daily bread.
    Thomas PhD
  • The artist formerly known as "Yer man off Lovin Dublin who hates 3-in-1s", Aidan is a digital strategist, a journalist, an experienced writer and editor. He also happens to be co-founder of Ireland’s leading strategic content outfit.
  • As a boy he was B.A from the A-Team, but Andrew turned out more Hannibal. “I love it when a plan comes together”. Science and storytelling led to a unique content-led sales strategy that can be tracked for R.O.I. - HubSpot is his partner and friend.
  • With over ten years of experience in creating branded content for social media, Jamie Brennan & Michael Roulstone established video production company Vibrant to deliver credible content with a constant focus on innovation, to date creating content for Heineken, Maltesers, Pedigree, ESB and Tesco, amongst others.
    Jamie &
  • A photographer, director and DOP, Brendan has spent 20 years helping brands realise their vision. Working directly with clients & through traditional agency models, Brendan boasts a roster of internationally known clients and a prestigious AOP Award nomination (the Photography Oscars).
  • A multi-award winning comedy show-runner and director, James has produced, written and/or directed many of the most iconic comedy and satire shows in Ireland. And with over 50 million online views (‘Horse Outside’ anyone?), a history of successfully developing many social media brands to boot.